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Ken is dad to four awesome kids and loves to spend his play time off-road riding, going to movies with his kids, and training for an upcoming solo trek into the wilderness.

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The Blood Pressure Reducing Power of Yoga

High blood pressure is a major health problem for approximately one in three Americans, according to recent statistics, which is commonly associated with other health issues, such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. With scientific advancements, modern society has shifted our thinking in how we address health issues. The traditional treatment plan for those with

Is “Extra Virgin” the Best Olive Oil?

Olive oil has become an increasingly popular cooking ingredient in the U.S., and for good reason. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil offers valuable health benefits. But just about any shopper can agree that searching the store shelves, which are beautifully lined with a dizzying array of varieties, can be a daunting task. Many

Men, Say Hello to Better Sex and Bigger Muscles

Every man knows that healthy testosterone levels are essential for building muscle mass, boosting athletic endurance, increasing your desire for sex, and maintaining energy and vitality. Men, did you know that testosterone levels start to decline around the age of 30? Taking care of your health, particularly as you age is important. And while problems

The Easiest Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure

There are a few things that most all humans do every single day of their lives. Some of those things are naturally occurring procedures such as blinking and breathing. These are the easiest to accomplish, right? Then there are those that are important to your health, but they require personal action in order for them

The Superpowers of Celery

As one of the most nutritious of vegetables, celery is one that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Known for it’s popularity as a crunchy vessel for cheesy or peanut buttery-fillings or a tasty garnish, celery is more likely on the sidelines of your grocery list when it comes to planning healthy meals. Believe it

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