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Ken is dad to four awesome kids and loves to spend his play time off-road riding, going to movies with his kids, and training for an upcoming solo trek into the wilderness.

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New Longevity Solution Boasts 3,500 Times the Power of Vit C

Now You Can Fight Free Radicals AND Reduce Oxidative Stress There is a substance our body’s produce internally, that has been recognized to have direct-correlation with levels produced in the longest-living creatures and humans — that being, the beings that contain the most, live longest. In research conducted by Richard Cutler, at the Gerontology Research

Make Sleeping a Part of Your Bed-Time Ritual

In a nation constantly trying to fit more activity into less time, and which sees sleep starvation as something to brag about, far too many of us consider a poor night’s rest just another adult reality. …but, we also all know that lack of sleep can be highly dangerous! The prescription for regular, adequate sleep

The Superfood that Puts Your Sweetener to Shame

You know how the cliche goes… Eating healthy wouldn’t be so hard if unhealthy didn’t taste so darn good, and if healthy foods didn’t taste so darn bad. After all, if raw broccoli tasted like ice cream, it would hardly be a challenge to get it down, right? You’d almost think Nature stacked the odds

The Big Fat Lie About Saturated Fats

The common advice about fat – avoid saturated fats at all costs and embrace unsaturated fats – is about as American as, well, obesity. But is it even good advice? Questioning the idea at all seems ludicrous, right? But, just like with many of the other nutrition and health truths that have been set in

Cut Fat Fast…and Have Fun Doing It!

One painful footfall at a time. 45 minutes to go and you’re feeling ready to drop at 15. The scary part is, if you’re feeling that way, you just might not be too far off from doing just that. Sure, doing “cardio” and other aerobic exercises can have positive effects upon your health, like improving

Tea vs Coffee: Who Reigns Supreme?

Put down the orange juice and step away from the venti latte! While other morning-time beverages may be your current “go-to sip” or afternoon “pick me up”, tea and coffee –plain coffee that is…not a “gourmet” drink saturated with sugar and fat– are the true unsung heroes of the beverage bunch. And these guys go

Soy: The Greatest Health Food Fake-Out?

Of all of the really popular “health” foods, soy may be the best disguised. It’s been presented to the public as the ultimate substitute for whichever food is considered Enemy #1 at that moment. When vegetarian and vegan living became extremely trendy again, soy products like tofu and tempeh were touted as the ideal “healthy” protein source.

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