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Ken is dad to four awesome kids and loves to spend his play time off-road riding, going to movies with his kids, and training for an upcoming solo trek into the wilderness.

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The Great Fallacy of Fluoride

Problem solving – reasoning – memory – conception – imagination… Our minds serve such a vast array of significant purposes in our lives, we cannot even begin to understand the raw and unhinged potential that sits between our ears. Many of the functions we depend on our brain to fulfill are even beyond our own

Candida and Cancer?

I’ve got an interesting video for you today. After several recently concluded studies, it is now widely accepted that candida is a strong and distinct precursor to cancerous tumor development. US magazine ‘Contemporary Oncology’ published reports proving that 99.9% of cancer patients have a candida overgrowth and that the “patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy did not

How Moving Your Body Can Reverse Disease & Injury…

If you’ve been reading my articles for any amount of time, you know generally we discuss 3 main pillars to achieving and maintaining optimal health. Nutrition Supplementation Exercise Of the three, the absolute least favorite -by popular vote- is exercise. Sure, you know exercise is “good” for you. …but, do you know HOW good? From

7 Natural Ways to Defeat Anxiety and Create Inner Balance

It’s almost impossible to describe if you’ve never experienced it. It’s not like just being extra stressed. A full-blown panic attack completely disables you. Your mind racing, and it won’t slow down. You feel a sense of extreme vertigo and intense disorientation. Anxiety attack sufferers often think they accidentally consumed a powerful drug or wonder

3 Dirty Lies About Erectile Dysfunction that Could KILL You…

If it’s one thing that really gets my blood boiling it’s watching well-meaning people, desperate for help and genuinely seeking some guidance…being taken advantage of by greedy and dishonest mega-corporations. And that’s exactly what’s going on here with one of the BIGGEST health scandals to infect our nation in years! This epidemic of men struggling

New Longevity Solution Boasts 3,500 Times the Power of Vit C

Now You Can Fight Free Radicals AND Reduce Oxidative Stress There is a substance our body’s produce internally, that has been recognized to have direct-correlation with levels produced in the longest-living creatures and humans — meaning: the beings that contain the most, live the longest. In research conducted by Richard Cutler, at the Gerontology Research Center,

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