3 Dirty Lies About Erectile Dysfunction that Could KILL You…

3 Dirty Lies About Erectile Dysfunction that Could KILL You…

Published: Aug - 2014
Written By: Jim

If it’s one thing that really gets my blood boiling it’s watching well-meaning people, desperate for help and genuinely seeking some guidance…being taken advantage of by greedy and dishonest mega-corporations.

And that’s exactly what’s going on here with one of the BIGGEST health scandals to infect our nation in years!

This epidemic of men struggling to find answers and understand what’s going on with their bodies is something I take serious.

So, let’s jump right into this and take a look at the 3 DIRTY Lies About E.D. That Could RUIN Your Life…

Lie #1…”Prescription E.D. Drugs are Safe…”

Have a look for yourself, at some of the dangerous side-effects listed for these E.D. drugs by the manufacturers themselves!

  • sudden vision and/or hearing losspillbottles
  • chest pain
  • nausea/dizziness
  • seizure
  • headache
  • memory problems

Pretty disturbing, eh?

All, mind you, not to cure or address the imbalance or problem that’s occurring…just to artificially force your body to do what’s it’s not doing on its own at the moment.

Of course, you’ve probably seen all the commercials like I have…and there’s certainly plenty being aired, since drugs like these are the “cash cows” for most big-pharma companies…

But, what they and the prescribing doctors –who are also cashing in on prescribing these drugs by the way– aren’t telling us is just how DANGEROUS these drugs can be.

For instance, did you know that just in the FIRST year that Viagra was released, over 1000 men suffered SERIOUS reactions from taking it?

Over HALF of them died.

Lie #2…”The Only Way to Effectively Treat E.D. is with Prescription Meds –Like Cialis and Viagra.”

Have you been to one of those embarrassing doctor appointments yet?

I can just about guarantee the first-line medical response was to whip out the prescription pad and advise you to take one form of dangerous drug or another.stockimage-drgivingmeds

Of course, I’m not a doctor…but, I know quite a few personally and have done my fair of research.

And just like with any other illness, the first response is to treat the symptom.

Who cares what’s causing it, right?

You see, the very foundation of their approach to healing the body –in my humble opinion of course– is VERY flawed…and it constantly puts people like you and me on a crash course with DANGEROUS drug-interactions and side-effects.

There are numerous herbs and natural extracts that have been PROVEN —in peer-reviewed scientific studies— to not only increase sex drive and promote healthy and long-lasting erections, but also improve cognitive abilities, enhance immune function, increase energy, and MUCH more!

Lie #3…”Erectile Dysfunction is Normal and is Just Part of Getting Old…”

Here’s the only truth about these drug companies and money-hungry reps selling you these lies…

They are EXTREMELY smart when it comes to marketing their drugs and they’ve gone to GREAT lengths to convince you that what you’re experiencing is not only to be expected but is even unavoidable.

Dirty. DIRTY. Lies…

Thanks to the scandalous game of “musical chairs” the heads of these drug corporations have been playing with the regulatory bodies within our government…going from Chairman of “Big Pharma” to head of FDA and back again…

stockimage-foodcrimescenetapeAmericans have spent the better half of the last CENTURY being exposed to a slew of toxic chemicals known as “Xenoestrogens” in everything from:

  • the water we drink
  • the foods we eat
  • the air we breathe

These xenoestrogens invade our bodies and completely demolish the natural balance of hormones our bodies need to function correctly.

Levels of key regulating hormones, like testosterone, fall off the map and soon thereafter we begin being haunted by devastating symptoms –erectile dysfunction being one of them.

All that being said, however.

There DEFINITELY are powerful ways to fight back and regain the balance of hormones your body needs to function correctly.

But, I’ll be completely honest…this is where Dave’s experience and knowledge has me beat.

This is HIS specialty…and he really is GREAT at explaining it all.

He did me a huge favor the other day and put together a quick video for anyone interested.

If you’re interested, it’s on the next page –and I’ve dropped a link below to take you there.

I’ve got to warn you though…Dave doesn’t “pull any punches” when he gets going.

Some, I’m sure, will think he can be a bit “rough-around-the-edges” …offensive even. ┬áBut, everything he’s got to say is the TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH. AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

So, make sure nobody “sensitive” is within earshot, click over to the next page and see what Dave’s got to say.


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