6 Reasons This Tiny Ocean Plant is Your Best Shot at Promoting a Long Healthy Life

6 Reasons This Tiny Ocean Plant is Your Best Shot at Promoting a Long Healthy Life

Published: Jul - 2014
Written By: Jim

shutterstock_137734889What if we told you ONE substance contained the entire spectrum of nutrients for the human nutritional profile?

…And what if we told you that this same substance, was the #1 proliferator of life on Earth and actually created our atmosphere and enabled the life of our entire human species?

IN FACT: This one living-nutrient source creates up to 90% of the very oxygen we breathe!

What is it?

It’s a micro-algae called Marine-Phytoplankton. And not to be confused with other “algae’s”, Marine-Phytoplankton is in it’s own realm of life-providing benefits, and may very well be the #1 solution today for achieving optimal health and vitality!

In fact, it contains the world’s HIGHEST BIO-AVAILABLE SOURCE of “Superoxide Dismutase”, or (SOD) for short, which is your body’s greatest internally-produced antioxidant enzyme — protecting you from the deathly-wrath of “oxidative stress”. For this reason, SOD has been tightly proven to be associated with promoting longevity in a number of irrefutable studies.

But what’s most compelling about Marine-Phytoplankton, is it’s “6-Unique Abilities” to get you healthier than anything else…

REASON #1: We Need the Sun’s Energy to Live and THRIVE!

Dr Joseph Mercola states; “Getting Vitamin D and natural sunlight is one of the most important steps in your health.”

And medicals professionals of notoriety claim this one nutritional-source can influence over 10% of your genes and prevent more than 16 types of life threatening health issues.

Marine-Phytoplankton account for approximately 10% of the sunlight absorbed by ALL of the plants on the entire planet!

(Meaning: marine-phytoplankton are the ULTIMATE source of living Vitamin D!)

Now let’s take a look at reason #2…

REASON #2: Your Cells Can’t Function Without Clean Oxygen!

The amount of oxygen inside your cells is in direct-correlation with the amount of extra electrons your cells possess. Therefore, the more electrons your cells hold, the higher rejuvenating capacity your cells have…

In fact: Most people with cellular impairment, who develop chronic diseases and life threatening illness, are actually deficient in these electrons!

(By the way — if you’ve had certain fillings or dental procedures, your body is being severely robbed of these vital electrons! Over time, this can lead to serious disease, and even premature death.)

Marine-Phytoplankton provide your body and cells with all of these life-giving electrons it needs to function on an optimal basis!
(This is crucial for your health and longevity!)

But this brings us to yet another problem –and our Reason #3…

REASON #3: Your Cells Can’t Retain-Electrons Without Healthy-Membranes!

Your cells simply cannot retain these crucial electrons if your cell membranes are made up of “plasticized fats”.

Unfortunately, these devastating “plasticized fats” are running rampant in today’s American diet!

They come in many forms, such as hydrogenated oils, canola oils, poorly-pressed or rancid oils of all kinds, and homogenized dairy, to name a few…

And avoiding all of them is near impossible. Which is the THIRD REASON you want to consume Marine-Phytoplankton…

Marine-Phytoplankton provide your body with life’s original essential fatty acids, which are used to build healthy cell membranes and replace old damaged ones!

And you’re body knows exactly what to do with these…

When you feed your body Marine-Phytoplankton, it automatically goes to work and begins replacing all these toxic-cell-membranes, with new healthy material!

And yet, your body won’t carry out this process properly if you don’t have the necessary essential minerals in your system…

REASON #4: Your Body Can’t Function Without Essential Minerals!

Nearly everyone who develops some sort of chronic disease or bodily breakdown from premature-aging, is mineral-deficient!

…and over 80% of us are chronically-deficient in at least some of these essential minerals, especially Magnesium.

This is another way these Marine-Phytoplankton do what they do best…

They contains all the essential minerals your body requires to keep things running smooth!

And speaking of “smooth”, with regards to our health, we desperately need to maintain a healthy liver…

REASON #5: Your Liver Is KEY to Elevating Your Health!

Your liver plays a key role in maintaining good health, as well as restoring your body if you’re experiencing health issues — because it supports your immune system and controls your ability to absorb life-essential materials, eliminate toxins and build new cells.

In chronic disease, and in the silent onset of many diseases, your liver (which works as your “central power station”) becomes impaired –unable to perform the jobs it needs to – to keep your body cycling, cleansing and performing for proper cellular activity.

…Once this has transpired, to any degree, it becomes harder and harder to get the proper health-elevating nutrients INTO your body.

At this point, your liver can’t absorb the necessary materials to build new cells!

This is where Marine-Phytoplankton come in…because they’re microscopic and bio-available, which means they don’t require typical digestive processing through your GI tract and by your liver to get absorbed.

In fact, they’re 5-times smaller than red blood cells!

…which means your body will be fed the nutritional-fuel it needs to perform it’s necessary functions and produce healthy new cells!)

To put this in to perspective, just a few-drops of Marine-Phytoplankton can trigger your body to replenish BILLIONS of healthy new cells!

REASON #6: Your Body Can’t HEAL Without Sufficient Neuro-Chemicals!

Without neuro-chemicals, like seratonin, gaba, dopamine and acetylcholine, we can’t sleep, think, or heal.

Therefore we CANNOT be healthy and we certainly can’t ENJOY LIFE!

…And Marine-Phytoplankton contains everything you need to restore these crucial neuro-chemicals!

As a matter of fact, world-renowned expert on Brain Health, Dr Eric Braverman states;

The brain is the most important organ and it impacts every illness. There is no illness that the brain does not impact and help get you better.

And the best way known to keep your brain tuned in to repair and protect your body’s control mechanisms – such as neurotransmitters, is to nourish it with Marine-Phytoplankton!

This substance’s unique ability to represent all these necessities, make it revolutionary for our health.

Marine-Phytoplankton CONTAIN EVERYTHING NECESSARY to replace things needed to rebuild your body, fuel your brain,
and restore and influence optimal health!

And, after years of research, there’s a BRAND NEW Phytoplankton product we can FINALLY get our hands on.

Activation Products just  released a revolutionary new supernatural Marine Phytoplankton, called “OCEANS ALIVE” — that’s a reported 8,000 TIMES more powerful than any other Phytoplankton in existence!

Oh yea…and that means it’s more powerful than every other so-called “super food” —COMBINED.

Their new “multi-strain” enhanced heirloom Phytoplankton product is the result of a 2-year patent pending nutritional “natural genetic selection” process… involving a tedious several-month process, where the Phytoplankton is naturally “UPGRADED” on a daily-basis — by selecting only the most perfect strains, and separating them out for continued nutrient-dense cellular growth.

It is the first of it’s kind, and could potentially be the strongest health-promoting substance your body can experience.

This product’s nutritional value is SO POWERFUL & NUTRIENT DENSE, this is what “Mike Adams” from NaturalNews.com had to say…


I have to agree with Mike, and know –without a doubt– that this is a product YOU WANT IN YOUR BODY!

GET SOME for you and your family asap… as supplies are said to be limited out of the gate, so you shouldn’t hesitate to claim yours.


An absolute MUST –in my humble opinion.

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