1 Weird Juice that KILLS Blood Pressure

1 Weird Juice that KILLS Blood Pressure

by Ken Burge
Author of the best seller: The Blood Pressure Solution


It’s a fact: High Blood Pressure is a national EPIDEMIC. 65 million Americans have it. That’s 1 in 3 people! And over $50 billion dollars are spent EACH YEAR on blood pressure medication. Medication that often does more harm to your body than good! With side effects ranging from dizziness to headaches… insomnia to nausea… digestive problems to depressed sex drive… YIKES! Who wants all that?

If I could tell you ONE thing that you could do each day to help your body naturally regulate your blood pressure, eliminate toxins, and promote healthy blood flow, would you do it?

Of course you would… and it only takes a few minutes!

The trick is to drink beet juice. Yup- this “weird” juice has been proven in NUMEROUS studies to lower blood pressure within 3 hours of drinking it…and the effects last for 24 hours!

Beetroots, with their deep red hue (and less commonly known to be yellow), are rich in dietary fiber, folate, potassium and manganese, as well as Vitamin C, iron and magnesium. But beets are also packed with nitrates, which give them the power to reduce blood pressure.

Different from the cancer-causing nitrites, commonly found in foods like hot dogs and lunch meats, beets have nitrates that occur naturally, so they are not harmful.

How Beet Juice Lowers Your Blood Pressure:

Biologically speaking, the nitrates found in beets go through a conversion process that allows your blood vessels to EXPAND, which improves blood flow throughout your entire body.

Nitrates in beets cause blood vessels to expand, therefore lowering blood pressure

And the benefits extend even further when consumed in juice form, allowing you to get the full amount of phytonutrients available. The concentrated amount of nutrients in juice are directly absorbed into your bloodstream, and do not require digestion. This means that they get to work quickly, offering the MAXIMUM benefits for reducing blood pressure.

In fact, according to a recent study published by the American Heart Association, participants who drank just 8 ounces of beetroot juice experienced a reduction in BOTH systolic and diastolic blood pressure within 3 to 6 hours of consumption, and with lasting effects remaining even after 24 hours.

Some of the health benefits you can enjoy by drinking Beet Juice:

  • Improved blood flow across your ENTIRE body
  • Natural elimination of toxins, due to the production of glutathione (which rids the body of the poisons that can cause many serious health problems, including colon cancer)
  • Improvement in blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Adding a small glass of beetroot juice to your daily diet can be an easy, and delicious way to lower your blood pressure, and improve your health!

Here are a couple of tips to consider when consuming beet juice:

  • The carotenes that give beets their vibrant color may also have a harmless effect on the color of your urine and bowel movements.
  • Since beets are high in oxalates, those who have issues with kidney stones may want to avoid this juice.
  • Juicing raw beetroots is the best (and easiest) option- just leave the skin on and combine with other fruits and veggies for a vibrant, sweet-tasting juice.
  • Some may find the “earthy” flavor of beetroots to be unpleasant, but removing the skin, adding other dominant flavors (such as orange or ginger), or just using a little less beetroot in your juice are easy adjustments.


Gingered Pear Beetroot Juice

fruit and veggie juice

1 medium beetroot
1 medium pear
2-3 large carrots
4 stalks celery
fresh ginger root or ground ginger (to taste)

Power Punch


1 medium beetroot
2 medium apples (Granny Smith)
1/4 of a lemon (including rind)
1/4 of a lime (including rind)
2 oranges (peeled)


Process ingredients in a juicer. Stir, and enjoy!

If you do not have a juicer, or prefer the convenience of a ready-made product, check your local health food stores. You can also find beetroot juice available for purchase online, as well.

 “So, what else can I do to naturally lower my blood pressure?”

Go to the next page, where I’ll show you EXACTLY  how I brought my own blood pressure from a high of 150/92 down to a near-‘textbook’ 120/79while getting rid of diabetes and 31 POUNDS of stubborn fat in the process…





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