The Great Fallacy of Fluoride

The Great Fallacy of Fluoride

Published: Dec - 2014
Written By: Jim

Problem solving – reasoning – memory – conception – imagination…

Our minds serve such a vast array of significant purposes in our lives, we cannot even begin to understand the raw and unhinged potential that sits between our ears.

Many of the functions we depend on our brain to fulfill are even beyond our own physical control, such as:

– breathing
– heartbeat
– digestion
– healing

…just about EVERY life sustaining function our bodies can’t survive without.

But, what IS within our control is how we “fuel the fire”.

The “ingredients” or “tools” that we provide our brains to work with and carry out its critical daily functions.

I’m talking about the foods we eat, the drinks we drink, and all the other substances we, in one way or another, introduce to our bodies.

We expose our bodies -and therefore our minds- to an unimaginable amount of toxins and poisons EVERY SINGLE DAY…whether it be the the shampoo that washes our hair, the lotion that moisturizes our skin, or even the toothpaste that polishes our teeth.

That’s right.

Something as simple as the fluoride in that minty tube of pearly-white magic is all it takes to hamper your brain’s ability to function the way it was designed (…and there’s even proof that may even be by design —but, more on that later).

And let’s not forget that brushing your teeth isn’t the only way by which your body has a face to face with fluoride.

For decades, American municipal water systems have added fluoride to our drinking water under the expectation that the mineral would reduce tooth decay and cavities.

During that time, we’ve been taken on a ride of misleading ad campaigns and convoluted studies that would have us believe fluoridation of our water is a safe.

What the public health authorities forget to mention is that fluoride is a known toxin, usually sourced for use from the byproducts of fertilizer factories, and that the difference between a non-toxic and toxic dose is almost not even measurable.

The Most Current Fluoride Research

The evidence continues to grow regarding the effects of fluoride on our bodies and cognitive functioning.Warning Brain Toxic

In the summer of 2012, Harvard University published a report of a review and analysis of current research on fluoride.

The publication targeted links between fluoride exposure and cognitive and neurological functioning in children.

The review analyzed data from at least 27 studies conducted over 22 years, and the result showed a strong connection between fluoride exposure from drinking water and lower IQ scores in children.

The study states:

“The results suggest that fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development at exposures much below those that can cause toxicity in adults.”

As a matter of fact, in addition to raising questions about fluoride’s effect on our cognitive abilities, the latest scientific data suggest that the chemical may also have a harmful effect on our reproductive systems as well —YIKES!

…but, that’s gonna have to be a discussion for another day. We’ve still just scratched the surface on what ill effects fluoride has on our brains.

By far the most concerning factor, for me, surrounding the great fluoride debate, is the fact that the margin that divides a supposed “safe” level of fluoride from toxic levels is minute…almost not even measurable in some cases.

Generally, a level of approximately 1 parts-per-million (PPM) is considered safe; however, cases of severe fluorosis have been found in water containing only 2 to 3 PPM.

Some studies from Canada have indicated that NO safe level of fluoride in water exists for children under the age of three.

Even The Journal of the Canadian Dental Association states, “Fluoride supplements should not be recommended for children less than 3 years old.”

But have you ever seen or heard ANY information encouraging parents not to let their children drink tap water?

Is There ANY Benefit from Fluoride?

Lastly, and I think most ironically, is the scientific evidence that proves the primary action of fluoride on the enamel of your tooth happens on the surface —NOT from ingesting the substance.

Flouride Poison…and even then, increasing evidence suggests that oral hygiene and strong teeth come from a healthy diet, NOT from fluoridated water and toothpaste.

The most famous research on the topic dates back to the early 1900 from Dr. Weston A. Price.

Dr. Price studied native tribes who ate their ancestral diets and had no tooth decay or cavities.

However, when white flour and sugar were added to the diets of these tribes…

Their oral health plummeted. Soon after, they developed cavities and tooth decay.

In other words, simply eliminating the excess sugars and processed foods may have a greater impact on limited tooth decay than fluoride.

Next time you hear from me, we’ll have a more detailed look into the foods that not only out performed fluoride in preventing tooth-decay but also significantly and actively support healthy brain function.

Until then…


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