Men, Say Hello to Better Sex and Bigger Muscles

Men, Say Hello to Better Sex and Bigger Muscles

Published: Oct - 2013
Written By: Jim

beach.testosterone.bpsEvery man knows that healthy testosterone levels are essential for building muscle mass, boosting athletic endurance, increasing your desire for sex, and maintaining energy and vitality.

Men, did you know that testosterone levels start to decline around the age of 30? Taking care of your health, particularly as you age is important. And while problems in the bedroom are discouraging (to say the least!), your symptoms could also be caused by several other health concerns.

Unfortunately, some symptoms of low testosterone can be mistaken as a normal part of the aging process. But on the other hand, some of those same symptoms can also be mistaken as a sign of low testosterone, which may not be the case.

So how do you know for sure?

Because of the wide range of possible sources for many of the subtle symptoms associated, it’s important to make an appointment with your doctor. Only through having the necessary blood tests is it possible to accurately determine your testosterone level.

For most men, a decline in sex drive and inability to achieve orgasm are the primary symptoms that are usually considered the most obvious. While this might be alarming, these symptoms are not uncommon among most men as they age.

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Low-T isn’t  just about sex…

Low testosterone is also associated with other health conditions that are commonly associated with erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes, obesity, and hardening of the arteries, all of which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Aside from the sexual symptoms, other symptoms such as decreased energy, reduced physical performance, problems with memory, unexplained depression, hair loss, an increase in body fat, as well as a loss in muscle mass can all signal decreases in testosterone levels.

It’s well known that testosterone plays an important part in muscle mass production and sexual health, but it also impacts other areas of the body, including bone density and red blood cell levels.

Osteoporosis is most often considered to be a condition of which women are primarily at risk. However, men with low testosterone levels can also experience weakening of the bones, increasing their risk of fractures.

Clearly, these symptoms and health risks are nothing to be taken lightly, but doctors warn that men should be cautious before beginning any form of treatment to raise his testosterone.

Even though there are many products available on the market today, speaking to your physician about your symptoms is the safest measure to take.

In addition to checking your total level of testosterone, it is recommended to have your doctor check both cortisol and “free testosterone” (T3) levels, as well…particularly if experiencing fatigue or lack of energy.

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When it comes to treatment, you do have options…

In talking to your doctor about your symptoms, you’ll likely find that there are a slew of pharmaceutical options to consider when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels.

One option is treatment with testosterone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy requires supervision by a physician in order to properly monitor your testosterone levels.

However for the many men who prefer a more natural approach, there are many strategies that can be implemented that allow you to stimulate your body to increase its own levels of free testosterone, naturally.

Although declining testosterone levels can be discouraging, boosting testosterone levels naturally is a smart way to combat the symptoms without side effects. Incorporate these strategies into your lifestyle and you’ll be soon be noticing the difference.


Shed Those Excess Pounds

eating.testosterone.bpsIt’s no big secret that being overweight is linked to an increase risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, the list goes on.

But many may not realize that excess weight can also cause testosterone levels to drop, and that losing the extra pounds can be an easy way to help boost them back up again.

A healthy strategy for losing weight will include plenty of protein and healthy fats, which provide the crucial building blocks for hormone production.

A healthy eating plan will help you lose weight and significantly reduce symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as reduce your long-term risk for serious illness.

So ditch all of the unhealthy sugars and processed carbohydrates you’re eating and go for more fruits and vegetables.

All natural foods provide nutrients essential for overall health, but certain cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cabbage, have actually been shown in studies to boost testosterone levels.


muscle man.weights Pump Some Iron

Have you ever left the gym after a good workout and noticed that you had an increase in energy levels and libido after leaving the gym. There’s a reason for this. Weight training is a great way to stimulate natural testosterone production.

The most effective way to significantly boost testosterone levels is through intense strength training with heavier weights, as well as fewer reps, compared to other types of training.


Restore Your Vitality, Naturally

While your doctor can write you a prescription for any number of drugs, patches or gels that claim to solve all of your testosterone problems, there are also many natural alternatives.

Below is a list of several ingredients that have been shown to effectively boost free testosterone, naturally.

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Fenugreek: Is an herb found in Asia and commonly used in Indian cooking. It has been shown in several studies to naturally boost testosterone levels and increase libido.

Another effective and well-researched herb that has been proven effective in increasing testosterone is tribulis terrestris.

Mucuna Puriens: Indigenous to the tropical regions of India and Africa, this small plant provides the body with a powerful injection of I-dopa, which enhances the libido of both men and women.

Tongkat Ali: Also native to India, this herb is effective at increasing the body’s ability to produce testosterone, improving erectile function, and the building of muscle mass.

Maca Root: This South American herb boosts the testes ability to produce testosterone by stimulating the endocrine system. This is an effective natural treatment for overcoming erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and the depression associated with low levels of testosterone.

Muira Puama: Coming from the Amazons, this plant improves libido, erectile function, and the building of muscle mass by behaving like testosterone in the body.

Sarsaparilla Root: This plant also behaves similarly to testosterone and has been used to increase erectile function and libido.

My friend Jeff will show you how to pick the right testosterone supplement that contains the right amount of natural ingredients that will boost your testosterone production so you can increase your sex drive and muscle gain on the next page!

You will also discover over a dozen surprising deceptions about how many testosterone supplements, and even the foods you each each day, can hurt your testosterone production:


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